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Václava Kuklíková (City-Mayor of Dýšina), Director of Festival
Zdeněk Vejvoda (Indtitute of Ethnologhy, Czech Academy of Science, Prague), Dramaturgist of Festival
Theater amateurish society "LUCIFER" Dýšina
Volunteer firemen of Dýšina and residents

"Czech village green" at Dýšina
September 8 - 10, 2006
Press information
An organization of a freestanding international festival links up with a tradition of May ceremonies,carnivals and a few annuals of Dýšina folklore festivals,made within an International Folklore festival of Plzeň. There is very intensively prepared the second annual of the only festival in the Plzeň region after its first run last year, in the milieu of the village green, inclusive a traditional
"invitation" before the festival.

The programme will be filled with both folklore ensembles from the Czech Republic and abroad, and even with various musical genres as world-, folk- and country music.

The main scene will be on the village green at Dýšina, and also in the churche of St.Simon and Judas, and chamber scenes in door-yards of farm houses.

"CZECH VILLAGE GREEN" at Dýšina belongs to our youngest festivals. Its advantage is a contact with a rich tradition, that is even raised by a natural environment of a typical village in the Plzeň region. The village can pride itself upon not only various and rich popular architecture, but also upon an enthusiasm of residents, who participate in three days lasting programme inclusive a traditional "invitation". As far as the regional focus is concerned,it is an action without frontiers, offering the guests from abroad an understanding of ethnical species in the entire region of the West Bohemia.It stays open to many genres, inspirated byfolklore,what ensures an interest of all age category audience" summarises Ms.Marta Ulrychová,PhD.,from the Departmentof Antropology (Faculty of Philosophy) at the West Bohemian University in Plzeň.Ms.Ulrychová has paid a great attention to the last festival.

From the programme prepared for the 2nd annual:

- on Friday, the opening concert GUEST IN THE HOUSE, GOD IN THE HOUSE,where,similarly as it happened last year,the songs from the Dýšina old chest will revive, also will present festival guests from abroad.

- DEVILISH TRICKS - is the name of full-length musical-dancing performance on the motifs of the fairy-taile Čert a Káča (Devil and Kate), performed by the professional (under the Czech Army) folklore ensemble Ondráš from Brno.

- A composed programme of family habits by Mr.Zdeněk Vejvoda "LITTLE PIPER WAS BORN...AND GOT MARRIED,WOW" will present ensembles from the South-West Bohemia.

- One of the interesting formats of the actual annual will surely be a reconstruction of a wedding ceremony direct on a door-yard of a farm house at Dýšina, shown by Národopisný soubor Postřekov ( performance AH,MAMMA, MY DEAR MAMMA,BRIDEGROOMS ARE COMING TO US).

- A recital called "TREE OF LIFE" will present Ms.Zuzana Lapčíková (dulcimer, singing) and Mr.J.Fečo ( jazz-contrabass).She is one of our most important personalities of so called "world music" ( see www.zuzanalapcikova.com). The performance will take part in the churche of St.Simon and Judas at Dýšina.

- A performance "tolerance not only musical - SONG WANDERING OVER THE WORLD" will again bring together, after an year, Mr.Zdeněk Vejvoda with his friends, musicians of various genres,f.e. Ms.Zuzana Lapčíková and Mr.J.Fečo (world music), KOUKOL A SPOL. Rokycany (folk-jazz),Prima Vera Třemošná (cross-over), X-TET of Vít Fiala Praha (jazz) ,Mr.J.FIALA and Mr.M.KAPLAN (folklore improvization on eight strings) etc.

As in the last year, Sunday will above all belong to the children folklore from the morning, inclusive the closing performance of children ensembles and guests from abroad.

Director of Festival and City-Mayor of Dýšina: Ms.Václava Kuklíková
www.dysina@top.cz, T +420 377 945 215, mobil +420 606 616 452

Programme director of Festival: Mr.Zdeněk Vejvoda
www.vejvoda.z@tiscali.cz , mobil +420 604 862 090

PR collaboration: Ms.Dagmar Braunová

More information see also on www.fos.cz and on www.top.cz/dysina.There you find a rich archive of photos.More snaps in higher resolution you get on request from braunova@pds.svt.cz.

The press information is on disposal:


MFF Dýšina
Václava Kuklíková
Obecní úřad, Náměstí Míru 30
330 02 Dýšina
Czechia (CZ)
tel: (+420) 606 616 452
fax: (+420) 377 945 215



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