Žítková [ Village or Town/City ]

The Village of Žítková (cca 250 inhabitants, area of 611 hectares)
is situated in the central part of the White Carpathians protected region. The picturesque landscape of the Moravian croftland offers beautiful views of the colourful mosaic of small fields, gardens, groves and White Carpathian meadows full of orchids. The territory of the village is considered to be one of the most suitable areas for outdoor recreation due to its low population density and a large number of scattered buildings. The whole of the territory is very attractive for people who take pleasure in visiting beautiful nature spots because there are many species of protected animals and plants to be found in the wide florid meadows. Walking through the countryside, the tourists may get a view of some of the original fruit driers and many other things of interest. The croftland nature healing represents a special phenomenon of the region, which has always been very interesting for tourists. Traditional folk songs and beautiful embroideries of the village are also worth noticing. Detailed information concerning the region can be found on the information boards of the Moravian Croftland nature trail and in the information centre at the local council. Information concerning this area may also be obtained at tourist information centres situated in some of the recreation facilities (Monte Lope - natural resources, Jana Cottage - the croftland female healers, Valmont - the airbattle over the White Carpathians, Mrs.Kubin's grange - farm rooms).

Plní funkci základního stupně územní samosprávy a v různé míře je také vykonavatelem státní správy.




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