Albrechtičky [ Village or Town/City ]

The village is situated in a close vicinity on the right bank of the Odra river and at the same time in the middle part of the Protected Landscape Area Poodří. From the east it closely adjoins the periphery of the Ostrava-Mošnov Airport a considerable part of which is built on the Albrechtičky Landscape Area.
There are 208 buildings altogether - 198 family houses with 265 flat units in the village.
Altogether, 700 inhabitants live there. Of these, 120 children are up to 15 years old, 421 persons are of productive age from 15 to 60 years and 159 citizens in the village are over 60 years old. The major part of citizens of productive age commutes to work at neighbouring industrial firms in Studénka, Příbor and Kopřivnice. After 1990, engineering networks were built in the village with the possibility of connecting all the buildings and plants - public water main, gas main, phone distribution network and part of the sewerage system. All local roads are provided with bituminous surfaces. Today, reconstruction of all buildings in the village's possession is taking place. In recent days, the village carried out forestation of lands unsuitable for agricultural purposes within the framework of the 9th project of "The Forestation of the Right Bank of the Odra River"; the whole volume: 15,000 deciduous trees. The village plans vast improvements to the existing grounds "Fojtovka" together with the provision of sanitary facilities and refreshment for visitors and users of the cycle path No.5 "Moravská brána (Moravian Gate) in future years

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