This microregion was found in year 1999 and since then it became a union for 12 municipalities and it is an initiator for many interesting activities and project happening in region these days.
In 2005 the microregion joined the Local Action Group (LAG) of the Iron Mountains, where they focus on the regional developments of hospitality, support traditions and sales of local production with the sign Železné hory regionální produkt - Regional product of the Iron Mountains.

Microregion is located on south of the city Chrudim in the heart of Protected Landscape Area of the Iron Mountains in an altitude of 400 - 500m above sea level. In this territory lies Seč, the biggest dam reservoir in Region of Pardubice. This nature offers lot of opportunities for local and tourists. During summer you can try swimming in natural ponds, mushroom picking or fish hunting. And during winter months cross-country skiing routes are ready. Of course, do not forget about informative historical paths, lookout tower Boika or open-air museum dedicated to Celtic population that lived in this area.

Area of microregion involves National Geopark of the Iron Mountains.

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